Group Classes

Typical Class

A class is two hours long with six weekly classes to each course.

They start with a warm up, followed by our unique FunkyFitFirm fitness program to help build your foundation fitness and flexibility. Your instructor will then demonstrate and guide you through the pole syllabus.

Instructors are chosen for their professional fitness coaching experience, poledancing skill, down-to- earth approachability and supportive natures. This means our classes are not only of the highest quality, but that you learn in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. Your instructor will masterfully breaks down each move into manageable parts and then you can practice with your new friends.

Depending on the venue 8 – 24 students will share 3 – 6 poles.  Learning from each other’s mistakes and successes will forge supportive relationships and we find most students can’t wait to perform for their peers.

Students typically wear shorts and a vest, or crop top with trainers for the warm up , and bare feet, jazz shoes, or high shoes to pole dance in. Body and hand lotion should be avoided so you can grip the pole properly.

See Booking for our current venues, locations, courses and costs.

FunkyFitFirm Fitness Program

We are the only pole school to offer a functional fitness and flexibility program designed by Sports Therapists and dance professionals as a part of our pole courses. This program builds the body’s muscular strength and flexibility in preparation for the more athletic moves which lie ahead. It also sets muscle ready to work on the pole, and reduces any of the specific risks imposed by poledancing, or the frustration of being constrained by your body’s limitations. This is important to us because we want you to reach your full potential.

The program progresses with each poledancing course to reflect a new level of physical challenges.

For the best results students are encouraged to repeat the FunkyFitFirm program between classes.

Poledancing Taster Class

A sample beginner class.

Beginner Poledancing Course

Contains spins, static poses, linking moves and floor work so that you can already perform a fabulous routine by week 6.

Intermediate Poledancing Course

Contains more advanced spins, climbs, seated poses and preliminary inverted moves as you gain the confidence and strength to get yourself up the pole.

Advanced Poledancing Course

Contains combination spins and a variety of new ways to climb, or mount the pole into impressive inverted poses.

Super Advanced Poledancing Course

Contains static moves requiring additional balance, upper body strength, core stability, strength and grip.

Super Duper Advanced Poledancing Course

Contains the most technical static moves and climbs, requiring superb flexibility, strength and showmanship to perform impressive combination pole poses and transitions on the pole.

Improver Performance Poledancing Course

Students have told us this is the most unique and enjoyable course we run. It transforms individual moves into polished performances you will be confident to share.  Attractive links, transitions and flow will be introduced to your freestyle dancing and we teaches you how to put together solo and group choreography. You will learn about musical and chorographic technicalities, trick technique and performance skill, whilst improving your stamina and flow through practicing pre-choreographed routines.

Suitable from Beginner to Super Advanced Level.

6 Week Lunchtime Power Pole

The class is one hour long. The FunkyFitFirm program is demonstrated for you to complete between classes at your leisure.


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