Here are a few nice things people have said about us...

Just wanted to say I think your course is fantastic; you have completely achieved the objectives you explained at the start of our course.

What you offer is so totally superior to every other course that is on the market. I can just imagine all the other pole schools looking at your pupils in the future and saying "Oh no, we don't stand a chance, we're against the FunkyFitFirm girls. Their teacher is HARDCORE."

Ella Stiles (Professional dancer)

You are the best Pole Teacher ever! I was so upset with not being able to invert, but you really helped breaking down the technique and giving me exercises to practice to get me strong enough to do this. The visualization also worked a treat. Your coaching is first rate physically and mentally!

Lorna Dafondil

I have previously attended classes held by 2 other Pole Dancing Schools and I can honestly say that so far FunkyFitFirm has proven to be the best.

Sarah is reliable and teaches in a friendly and encouraging environment, her chosen venue (David Lloyd) is superb and highlights the focus on health and fitness (as well as fun) and she is an excellent and patient teacher.

I would encourage anyone who wants to try pole dancing to attend one of Sarah's taster classes, they won't be disappointed.

Tamsin Hunt

I have poledanced with two other schools in Reading and FunkyFitFirm is in my opinion the best all round poleschool in the area. Excellent venues, coaching, course content and physical training

Clare Borsberry (Systems Annalyst)

My fitness has improved dramatically since I started poledancing with FunkyFitFirm a year ago. My bingo wings are clipped, legs are sleeker and my bum is firmer thanks to the FunkyFitFirm program.

Carla (Accountant)

I’m not sure what I love most, the encouraging physical training, or great fun I have learning spins and tricks. Its certainly getting results! I won’t be ashamed of my arms this summer and although I’ve put on weight through building muscle I have dropped a dress size and feel more like a gazelle than the old hippo!

Ann Marie (Lawyer)

The FunkyFitFirm program is a fantastic accompaniment to a poledancing course. It really helps to have such simple exercises to do between classes as I haven’t got my own pole YET!

Loving it.

The hen party was brilliant! We spent the whole time in stitches and were amazed by what Hannah could do on the pole. The highlight for me was my bridesmaid lap dancing for me while I pretended to be a bloke! I nearly killed myself laughing. Sarah and Hannah have a knack of making you feel totally relaxed so you don’t feel silly or inhibited at all. They made my hen party a truly memorable experience.

Julie Fitz (Journalist)