Sarah Brocklehurst

Sarah Brocklehurst - Director

  • Dancer / Movement Therapist
  • Fitness Professional
  • Poledancer
  • Performer


FunkyFitFirm was inspired by Sarah’s personal observation that to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it should be just as stimulating as our social lives.

Her first project “When Health Meets Hedonism” tested this idea by splicing an exercise class with a DJ set featured in TimeOut and BBC London in 2005.

FunkyFitFirm Poledance Fitness School then launched in 2006; a reflection of the above achievements and experiences.

It is designed and delivered only by fitness professionals with coaching and performance experience.

FunkyFitFirm are unique in providing foundation physical training and on-going development for its students through school and community events.

The School philosophy is a reflection of the personal achievements and experiences listed here.

Dancer / Movement Therapist

Trained in a pioneering contemporary dance form developed by a prima ballerina and physiotherapist Sarah was immersed in functional movement technique from the age of four and began teaching and performing on stage by fourteen.

Fitness Professional

Degree qualified in human health and physiology she became a professional fitness instructor well known for her funky, freestyle choreography skills.

Sarah is on the Register of Exercise Professionals and fully insured through FitPro.


Trained in five UK Pole Schools Sarah has been coached to the top levels by leading poledancers such as Nicky Smith and crowned World Champion Elena Gibson.


Although primarily an instructor Sarah’s performance highlights include the Big Chill festival (Lost Vagueness Tent and Tom Middleton’s Finlandia set), Unity and Haselstock festivals.