FunkyFitFirm have been pioneers of contemporary, funky lifestyle fitness since 2005. Fitness is of the body, mind and soul. So, we participate in poledancing shows and performances raising thousands of pounds for cancer and children’s charities and building community links. We do this whilst representing poledance fitness as a healthy and wholesome pastime to support everyday women.

Here you can read about these achievements over the past three years and view, watch and listen to our media highlights.

January 2007 FunkyFitFirm dancer Hannah Mills is presented with an
X Pole for raising the most money globally for the Guinness World Record 2007.
December 2007 London Social Pole Club hosts a contribution to the Guinness World Record Attempt for Simultaneous Poledancing. 8 FunkyFitFirm dancers raised over 3,500 for the Make A Wish Foundation.
August 2007 Sarah models for the PoleLove Calender raising money for Cancer Research UK
July 2007 FunkyFitFirm launch the London Social Pole Club with a Pole Jam attended by World Champion Elena Gibson
July 2007 FunkyFitFirm dancers perform at Haselstock festival
June 2007 FunkyFitFirm contribute to the International Pole School Show “Unity” raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation.
December 2006 FunkyFitFirm students raise 800 demonstrating athletic pole tricks and Bond Themed routines for Cancer Research UK.
November 2006 3 FunkyFitFirm dancers contribute to the Guinness World Record for Simultaneous Poledancing.
September 2006 Abigail Gunn “Miss Pole 2002” joins FunkyFitFirm team.
August 2006 FunkyFitFirm Poledance Fitness Program released.
August 2006 Sarah is invited to poledance at the Big Chill festival as a guest of Lost Vagueness.
January 2006 Launch of FunkyFitFirm DJ Aerobics Program “When Health Meets Hedonism”A live DJ set was played during a 90 minute combination class offering funky high intensity dance, weights and an exotic dance stretch session. Weekly health tips and improvement monitoring were included in this experience.