Welcome to FunkyFitFirm Poledance Fitness School

Poledancing is the contemporary performance art form everyone wants to watch and try. It combines impressive strength, flexibility and performance skill to build  enviable tone, fitness and confidence. Amazing to watch, but even more fun to do.

We can give you a performance, and offer you  your first class or hen party, but our ambition is to give you the quality coaching you need to fulfil your poledancing potential.  We want to support you in a new exciting lifestyle full of fitness, performance and social opportunity.

FunkyFitFirm courses are designed to the highest industry standards with input from Sports Therapists and dancers to give you the best results. Only FunkyFitFirm offer functional fitness training as part of a pole course and we choose qualified fitness professionals with great coaching and poledancing skills.

And because we know good fitness habits are only maintained if they are fun and social we offer continued development through performance coaching, and our Social Pole Club jams and events. We look long term, aiming to give you positive, fun ways to get fit, stay fit and enjoy your new skills and friends.