London Social Pole Club

A grown up poledancers’ playground set up in an exclusive private members bar with DJ and plush leather sofas which enhance the funky vibe, and with showcases and professional workshops to improve your skills.

We started the Social Pole Club in London in 2007 as a central place for poledance students everywhere to unify and learn new moves in a relaxed, social environment. You can cut your performance teeth here, attend workshops to improve your functional pole strength and flexibility, or seek inspiration from professional dancers’ showcases and taster classes. We even have masseuers, therapists and beauticians from time to time to enhance the ultimate girls’ day out.

The venues’ plush, private members bar ambience, DJ, bar and freshly prepared food lend great services and atmosphere to these fun events.

Guest workshops, showcases and fitness features vary with each event.

You can subscribe to our Social Pole Club for advance news and concessions on events in your area.

Next Event

As soon as the next event is scheduled, this area will be updated.


Spaces and lunch must be booked in advance.

Please go to Booking, or call 07854 257262.